!!! Shopping tour in Rotterdam .. Welcome

!!! Shopping tour in Rotterdam .. Welcome

!!! Shopping tour in Rotterdam .. Welcome

  Shopping tour in Rotterdam.. Welcome  


Adres: Dominee Jan Scharpstraat 298, 3011 GZ Rotterdam


Adres: Beursplein, 3011 Rotterdam

Central Plaza

Adres: Plaza 29, 3012 CW Rotterdam

Shopping Center Zuidplein

The Zuidplein Shopping Center is a large shopping center covering the south of Rotterdam. On the ground floor there is a large two-storey parking garage for approximately 1,400 cars, a guarded bike park, storage space and a bus stop.

Adres: Zuidplein Hoog 420, 3083 BL Rotterdam

Alexandrium Shopping Center

 Alexandrium Shopping District is Rotterdam’s largest shopping center in the Oosterflank district. The shopping district consists of three parts: Alexandrium Shopping Center, Alexandrium Megastores, and Alexandrium Woonmall.

  Adres: Korte Poolsterstraat 2, 3067 LZ Rotterdam

De Groene Passage

Adres: Mariniersweg 9, 3011 NB Rotterdam

Zumo Outlet Store

Adres: West-Kruiskade 83, 3014 AN Rotterdam

Winkelcentrum Keizerswaard

Keizerswaard is a large indoor mall with over 80 stores in the IJsselmonde district of Rotterdam, located on the street of the same name. All stores are on the ground floor. Part of the roof forms a car park where customers can park their cars for a fee.

Adres: Keizerswaard 55, 3078 AM Rotterdam

Winkelcentrum De Vlieger

Adres: 2718 JV Zoetermeer

Winkelcentrum De Hoven Passage

De Hoven Passage, is a mall in De Hoven, there is an indoor shopping mall in Delft.

The shopping center is located between Poptahof and Voorhof in Delft Zuid, along Martinus Nijhofflaan. The mall contains about 60 stores

Adres: Troelstralaan 71, 2624 ET Delft


Adres: Vierhavensstraat 63 K – 197, 3029 BB Rotterdam


Adres: Duyvesteynstraat 9A, 3042 BA Rotterdam


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